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2021. október 1-től ultrahang tanfolyam indul endokrinológusok, radiológusok, patológusok számára

Szakmai 2021.09.13. 00:00 MEAT

2021. október 1-től ultrahang tanfolyam indul endokrinológusok, radiológusok, patológusok számára. A tanfolyam angol nyelvű, a kurzus koordinátora Dr. Solymosi Tamás. Részletek alább:

The Papillon Course on Thyroid Ultrasound starts in October 2021. The language of the Course is English.

This training differs from the usual ultrasound courses in several important elements:

  • It seeks to cover all major topics and sub-areas in full. The 8-month course actually corresponds to a 2-semester training which requires more time from students than usual.
  • The training is not based on static images, but on voice-over ultrasound videos taken during the original examinations. You will be able to go over these videos alone, accommodating your own time schedule.

The Papillon Course consists of two parts.

  1. Guided by a structured curriculum, you will listen to pre-recorded lectures, illustrated by comparative tables on differential diagnostics, and you will have access to more than 800 narrated ultrasound video recordings of live patients.
  2. Live, online webinars include 17 lectures given by highly recognized experts of the thyroid field. In addition to the Hungarian speakers, several international experts accepted our invitation, including Steen Bonnema, Cosimo Durante, Murat Faik Erdogan, Anrea Frasoldati, Laurence Leenhardt, Enrico Papini, Ralf Paschke, Gilles Russ, Fernando Schmidt and Philippe Vielh.

The Course Instructor, myself, will be available for online discussion of selected cases according to a pre-defined schedule.

For details, please visit our course website: http://thyrosite.com/ Here the chapter on nodular goiter is freely available.

We would be very pleased to welcome you among the students of the course. There is a 50 % discount for MEAT and MRT members.

Best regards,

Tamas Solymosi, M.D, Ph.D.
for the Faculty